Come into the light

And it came to pass that in the winter months, a dark brown Canadian ring-neck duck did journey into the land of Florida to sojourn there awhile. But in that country it was the season for the slaughter of fowl, and lo! A hunter arose with dog and gun to seek a brace for his pot. Left and right he shot, with a great commotion, and the ducks did fall all around. And the ring-neck duck lay dead, stricken by great wounds to the leg, neck and wing, and her corpse was carried roughly by the dog to his master, who did bind the dead ducks right swiftly and returned happy to his house that night.

When he arrived, he spake unto his wife, saying, "Here are some fowl of the air that I did kill. Take you them and prepare a feast, for I am hungry." But there was so much meat that the wife laid the little ring-neck duck upon a shelf in the refrigerator, saying to herself, "verily, I will save this duck for another day, for my husband hath brought so much meat there is a surfeit thereof", and closing the door, went about her preparations for the feast.

Two days and nights did pass, but on the third day, the wife went seeking milk and did open the fridge door. And behold! The duck had risen, and lifting her head she fixed the wife with a steady gaze. All at once the wife knew the duck, and in her heart could not bear to keep her for the pot. So straightways she got up, and carrying the duck swiftly to the Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, told all, and they were amazed.

Then the vet spake, saying, "We must minister unto this duck, for verily hath she sustained two, yea, three gunshot injuries, and we must operate lest she take for the worse and die." And so they toiled upon the broken body of the duck. Great was the need and invasive were the procedures, and the stress thereof did multiply upon the duck, and so her poor heart did break; she stopped breathing there on the table. And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the vet did pronounce her dead, saying "Yea, verily are we sorry for your loss."

But even as the words had left his mouth, the duck coughed and flapped her wings, and behold! She had risen again! He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

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Monday, 6 August 2007

A New Beginning

Well, the new website is up and running! I hope you will find it useful, and that we will be able to reach many more with our message of ducky hope.

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